Revised and Enlarged Second Edition – Fascinated by Fungi

Fascinated by Fungi, by Pat O'Reilly

I am so pleased with this new edition, available from July 2016. It’s a 450-page hardback and includes the latest updates to taxonomic names (mainly as a result of recent DNA sequencing research) as well as new sections on Slime Moulds (yes, you are right: they aren’t really fungi but they are fascinating nevertheless!) and many additional pictures and species descriptions. I am particularly delighted with the greatly extended section on microscopy, with some helpful hints and tips for anyone new to choosing and using a compound microscope for studying fungi spores, cystidia, hyphal structures etc and some stunning photomicrographs contributed by world-class experts.

Most of all I wanted to let you know that First Nature are currently offering this new edition at a substantial discount on the RRP. For a limited period you can get the new, larger edition in a beautiful hardback binding for less than the RRP for the original paperback version here…

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